The first mention of the organization of hunting in the district of Szczytno is found in the Walter Późny report,th e first post-war mayor of Szczytno county.In a report dated 5th of December 1945 the mayor relates tothe District Attorney of Region of Mazury results of his work, where he writes: „Forest Department controlled national and local forests. Organized hunting groups”. Two months later, on 1st of February 1946, Walter Późny returned again to the subject of hunting organization: „Arranged (…) a number of cases related to organizationof hunting”.

The Hunting group which was named the Hunting Group No. 1 in Szczytno, changed its name to Hunting Group „SOKÓŁ” („FALCON”) Szczytno in 1953 and this name remained until today. One of the founders of this Group was Józef Merkiewicz – the first post-war county master of the hunt of Szczytno district (1945-1950), an employeeof forest inspectorate in Korpele and councilor of the first term in City Hall in Szczytno. Among the first members of the Group were found names such as: Bruzda Stanisław, Dmochowski Konstanty, Klier Józef, Milewski Witold, Niewolkiewicz Julian, Starka Franciszek. October 22, 2016 r. Celebrated 70 years of existence, the highlight was the unveiling of the obelisk in honor of hunters.




In the 2021/2022 marketing year are welcome to individual hunting:
1. roe deer
in the months of May-July
2. red stag
in the months of September-October
In addition, during the months of November-December organize collective hunting in groups min. 8 people.
During these hunts to hunt stags, deer and wild boar.

Current price list for the organization and conduct of hunting is the list from „Masuria” hunting offices at the regional directorate of state forests in Olsztyn.



Koło Łowieckie „SOKÓŁ” w Szczytnie
12-100 Szczytno
Sędańsk 23

Bank account number BS 71883800052001000002440001


President – Tomasz Bober, tel. +48 606-623-881
Master of hunting – Aleksander Bakuła, tel. +48 514-387-786
Cashier – Piotr Perzanowski, tel. +48 606-210-536
Secretary – Grzegorz Bakuła, tel. +48  737-486-989